Empanelled with MoRTH under
Category IV : GeoTechnical Investigation
  • Geotechnical & Geological Field Investigation

We are one of the leading Geotechnical Engineering Companies in India and are capable of providing all related engineering value additions ranging from Field Investigations, Field Testing, Laboratory Testing & Analysis as well as Foundation Consultancy. We are IS/ISO 9001:2008 certified for engineering qualities. A summary of the services we provide in the Geotechnical section are as given below:

  • Field exploration
    • Soil & Rock Drilling
    • Under Water Drilling
    • Standard Penetration Test
    • Trial pits with large Undisturbed Sampling, Bulk Sampling
    • Plate Load Test
    • Cyclic Plate Load Test
    • Electrical Resistivity Test
    • Dynamic Cone Penetration Test
    • Static Cone Penetration Test
    • Field CBR Test
    • Field Permeability Test
    • Soil Chemistry
    • Block Vibration Test
    • Pressuremeter Tests (PMT)
    • Cross Hole Shear Wave Test
    • Vane shear test
    • Pile Testing (Compression, Tension & Lateral load)
  • Laboratory Testing
    • Field Moisture Contents IS:2720 (Part-II)-1973
    • Field Density IS:2720 (Part-XXIX)-1975
    • Mechanical Sieve Analysis Test IS:2720 (Part-IV)-1985
    • Particle Size Analysis (Hydrometer method) IS:2720 (Part-IV)-1965
    • Atterbergs Limit IS:2720 (Part-V)-1985
    • Specific Gravity IS:2720 (Part-III- Sec.-I)-1980
    • Direct Shear Test IS:2720 (Part-XI)-1971
    • Lab CBR Test IS:2720 (Part-XVI)-1987
    • Free Swell Index IS:2720 (Part-XI)-1977
    • Triaxial Compression Test IS:2720 (Part-XI)-1971
    • Swell Pressure Test IS:2720 (Part-XXXXI)
    • Consolidation Test IS:2720 (Part-XV)-1997
    • Triaxial Shear Test IS:2720 (Part-XI)-1970
    • Lab Permeability Test (Static Head & Variable Head) IS:2720 (Part-XVII)-1970
    • Unconfined Compressive Strength Test (Crushing Strength) IS:9143-1996
    • Water Absorption and Density Test IS:13030-1996
    • Rock Quality Index(RQD) --
  • Foundation consultancy
    • Calculation of Bearing capacity of Soil and Settlement of Foundation
    • Design of foundation for different sub-soil conditions
    • Slope-Stability Analysis for Embankments, Dams, Retaining-Walls etc.


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